Living Dead Dolls Series 23

Date of death: December 16 ,1773

Cause of Death: Not Specified

Chipboard Poem:Edit

A broken doll with a broken face

Left in the corner unwanted, disgraced

The time has come, at the table she's placed

Just don't tell anyone that the tea is laced

Death CertificateEdit

Agatha was once a shiny new doll
But age and decay she did befall
And now neglected and collecting dust
She views all other dolls with utter disgust


  • Betsy comes with a teapot while the other four dolls come with tea cups. Each doll with a tea cup comes with a table leg which can be put on a coffin lid to make a tea table.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Deathdate is the day of the Boston Tea Party.
  • She's the only doll in Series 23 to NOT have either a hat or a hood.
  • She also the only doll in Series 23 NOT to have died in the 20th century.